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Computer Science for Appalachia

About Computer Science for Appalachia

School districts in East Tennessee struggle to provide substantial computer science (CS) learning experiences that will inspire and prepare the next generation of innovators. Providing opportunities for students to engage with CS practices and ideas is urgent and timely in light of new CS standards for the State of Tennessee being implemented in the Fall of 2019. To address the needs of students in East Tennessee Appalachia, Computer Science for Appalachia (CSA): A Research-Practice Partnership to Integrate Computer Science into Rural East Tennessee Schools will create a vision for CS and support for teachers to plan for and teach CS strategies that are responsive to students and their communities. CSA will help administrators and teachers address challenges related to teaching CS, such as access to high-quality professional learning for teachers and technical infrastructure. CSA’s collaborative work will bring together the University of Tennessee, three rural East Tennessee school districts, and key community organizations. Building and strengthening this partnership will enhance learning and lifelong outcomes for students by increasing their opportunities to engage with CS in the elementary grades. For stakeholders as well as researchers, the project will lead to an enhanced understanding of how rural school districts create opportunities for students to engage meaningfully with CS and to a strong partnership that will enhance CS education in Appalachia in the years to come.

CFA is an NSF-funded project (Award Id: 1923509) and the co-principal investigators are Dr. Josh Rosenberg, TPTE and Dr. Amir Sadovnik, Computer Science, UTK